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CFO Advisory Firm

We provide clients with strategic accounting and finance solutions customized to your specific needs.

About Cepero Financial Office

We offer outsourced/fractional part-time CFO services focused on small to medium sized organizations that may not be able to support hiring a full time CFO, but could benefit from CFO level services.

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Is this your first time being audited?

Want to make sure your financials are clean and ready for the process?

Were you told your Financials aren’t "auditable"?


Cepero Financial Office will help get you and your company ready for an upcoming audit and make sure to put you in the best position possible.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services focused on Finance and Accounting and will customize a package to fit your company's specific needs.


Whether you're raising money, scaling your business, or restructuring your finances we can help you plan for the present and the future.


Keeping current and accurate accounting records will help your company when it comes to budgeting for the present and strategizing for the future.


Companies need to focus on the big picture while also taking care of the day to day details along the way. We can help support your company in a variety of ways.


Building and growing your company is hard enough, so it's crucial that you also be proactive with keeping an eye on protecting it as best as possible.

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Whether you're a small business/startup or have been in business for decades, if you need a valuation Cepero Financial Office has you covered.

Need an objective valuation of your real estate? We do that too.  


From conducting the proper due diligence, to reviewing and analyzing the financials, cash flows, and comps, we'll crunch the numbers and help you land on that sweet spot of a valuation.

We can even help you market and present your company or real estate to prospective buyers when it's for sale.

Need a Valuation?
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